Wise Little Fox Limited

Wise Little Fox Limited is a project that my wife (Rachel) and I started several years ago. Rachel is a psychotherapist who specializes in trauma recovery. Through the years, she has shared a wealth of methods and techniques to help adults and children. Wise Little Fox Limited was created from the idea of incorporating these mechanisms into children’s books and resource materials for children, families, and therapists.

The idea was inspired when we were expecting our son. We wrote several children’s books with songs which combined an entertaining narrative and an important life lesson or coping mechanism (e.g. resiliency, mindfulness, wise mind). We wrote the books and songs, then recorded the music in our home studio. By the time our son was born, he already had our playlist in rotation.

We continue to write, share, and refine our collection of books, music, and resource materials. We plan to explore publishing options later in 2023.

We have produced two guided meditations that are available on YouTube:

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