A picture of a Chihuly glass sculpture reflected in a pool of water at the Denver Botanic Gardens.


I like working in a variety of forms—short, long, screenplays, children’s books, poems, and songs.


  • First Idaho [In progress: 30k words. Sci-fi novel. Artificial Intelligence, galactic human diaspora, world building, unhinged tyrants, neo-Luddites, pop culture, improbable technologies, dogs and cats living together—mass hysteria.]
  • a Cuba Libre and the Sweetest Caprice [Completed novel, 110k words. Historical fiction, post 9/11, Yemen, counter-terrorism operations, assassination, human trafficking, CIA, defense contractors.]

Short Stories (to be added)

Children’s Books (to be added)


A long time ago I used to pay my rent shooting photos. It’s something I still enjoy and many times incorporate into my writings.



To be added.

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